Welcome to Thai Restaurant Orchid Helsinkin!

We are specialized both in the classic and the modern kitchen of Thai food. Restaurant Thai Orchid is conveniently located in the Helsinki city center which makes it a popular lunch and dinner place for the local people as well as tourists. Our kitchen avails fresh ingredients and vegetables spiced up with genuine Thai herbs and spices. Our chefs grow inspiration, new ideas and culinary skills by regularly visiting Thailand. Thai Orchid menu is created from the classic dishes and modern variations. Visit Thailand - in our restaurant you can feel the peaceful atmosphere in the Thai décor while enjoying the delicious food and drinks. We strive for the delicious and special food experience for our customers' satisfaction. It's easy to forget today's worries enjoying a dinner with friends or a different business lunch

During our three years with Thai Restaurant Orchid Helsinki we have got favorable feedback and good reviews, some those quoted below:

"Excellent food!" "Attentive and fast service."
"A cozy and peaceful restaurant."
"Superb food, real Thai taste."
"Friendly Thailand atmosphere."
"A small and easy-going restaurant, friendly service, native Thai chefs and fine food."
"The best Thai restaurant in Helsinki, good food with reasonable prices."

Thai Restaurant Orchid Helsinki was established in 2006. Our chefs and service personnel has a long experience in the restaurant business.